The world-renowned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company has now come up with some excellent jobs.  Adnoc reports vacancy for Source Officer in Company.  Qualification required is Batch Degree in Human Resource Management.  Work experience at the same level is required for six years.
The nearest is PSC Support Technician.  Applicants for these fields must have a Bachelor's degree and a Diploma in Information Technology.  Applicants should know about computer installation, software configuration, PC maintenance, and four years of work experience.
Next is the area of ​​Recruitment Officer.  It requires a degree in Human Resource Management and 6 years of work experience in the field.

The next vacancy is IT, Application Analyst.  Applicants for this job must have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and six years of work experience. The next report is from the Audit Department Manager in India.  The qualification required to apply to this field is a Bachelor's degree in Auditing and 15 years of SAIM department work experience. The next vacancy reported by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is a Business Development Analyst.  The minimum qualification required to apply for this job is a degree in Business or Economics in any one of these batches.  And more than five years of professional experience. Even someone with no experience can get a job at Adnoc Oil Company, a government company.  They also recommend free visa transportation and food accommodation.  Job vacancies include senior project manager, senior accountant, senior economist, senior I & c engineer, senior league upstream counselor, risk-based inspection engineer, senior project specialist, and senior internal auditor. Don't miss it... One of the best companies on the company side in the UAE has great job opportunities out there Fuel companies year-round at a lot of heights All you have to do is give us on a company website and talk to the company about it Thank you for entering the price website and applying for the job you have contacted the company as a director yourself APPLY


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