The West Zone Supermarket in Dubai is open to great job opportunities.  Best Zone is a Supermarket, Hypermarkets, Shopping Malls, and real estate group that is well known in and around.  Butchers must have good experience in this area.  Only Filipinos, Indians, and Nepalese can apply to this region.

1. Stocker/ Merchandiser
 2. Butcher
3. Baker
4. Cashier (Female)
 5. Supermarket Manager
 6. Supermarket Assistant Manager
 7. Storekeeper

Bakers still need to have good expertise in this area. Only Philippine Indians and Nepalese will be accepted.

The supermarket assistant manager must have two years of experience. And must be a graduate.

Applicants for the post of Supermarket Manager must be a graduate and have five to seven years of experience in the same field in the UAE.

The rest of the work is the same experience and qualification.

Supermarket:-West Zone Supermarket

Job Location:- UAE


 Salary Range 1500 – 6000 AED /month

Others benefits

Best On Supermarket is one of the best supermarket areas in the world. It is a company that employs a large number of workers. All you have to do is apply for a job in this supermarket. Also, all the details about the company will be on the website itself. You must be at least 20 years old and have a qualification in school but above that, whatever qualification you have, you can get the job according to the company. All you have to do is make a seal that you know about your qualifications and upload it as a director on the company's website. They will contact you by email or call and then select you after attending your interview online. All you have to do is get in and apply as soon as you can. You will apply directly to the company. No other agent commission office work is required. Apply now


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