Singapore is the 175th largest country in the world.  It is the place that attracts the most tourists.  Because every place has so many beautiful places.  Singapore is a very small country.  The population is over 50 lakhs.  People from many countries live here.  Most of these are Chinese, followed by Malaysia, India, and the rest.  That is why there are people here who speak many languages.  I'm essentially everyone who speaks the same English.  In terms of GDP, Singapore ranks third.  Singapore is one of the busiest business establishments in the world.  So there are a lot of job opportunities.  Most of the people living here are Chinese.

Lots of helper jobs in Singapore.  There are a lot of jobs in this.  The first of these is about a pantry or kitchen helper.  The monthly salary in Singapore is 1500 to 2000 rupees.  The most important thing you need to know about this job is the Kitchen Cleaning Food Making and Food Supply.

It is mandatory to know the languages ​​of Singapore and most importantly to know English.  It does not require any special qualifications. SSLC Plus Two is sufficient.
Secondly, the vacant job is Health Attendant.  The main applicant must know how to make food, must have good cleaning, and must know how to make rice and dessert.  The required qualification is SSLC Plus Two Certificate and then Food and Hygiene Certificate.

As a kitchen helper and assistant, he is looking for Singaporean workers for many different jobs.  No special qualification is required for this job.  Normal plus two SSLC is enough.  Therefore, anyone can apply for it.  Do not worry about not getting a job because you do not have a degree.  You can visit the official site for more information on working in Singapore APPLY


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