Malaysia is a world-famous tourist place.  That is why it is the desire of everyone to work there.  Here's a chance to make you wish.  He has a vacancy as an office admin in a company called Manpower Group in Malaysia.


Adopt company policies to make the office work better and more efficiently.

Supervise the staff to make the work run smoothly and divide each task into parts.

Manage the affairs of the above managements and facilitate their travel.

Manage office phone calls and correspondence.

Ensure budget ring bookkeeping procedures.

Prepare financial databases and each database of individuals and update them accurately.

Check the stock of items required for the office and place the next order accordingly when the stock runs out.

Submit the report within the stipulated time and ensure that each action is taken accordingly.

Help colleagues when they need it.


office administrator, office assistant,  work experience in the field of and equivalent or experience is required.

Must have the ability to communicate well with others.

An organization must be able to oversee.

Must know about office management and basic computer knowledge.

Requires excellent knowledge of MS Office and Office Management.

Studying in the secretarial field will be an asset.

High school diploma; BSc/BA in office administration or same
Great job opportunities are being created in Malaysia this year. If you are a person who wants to get a job in Malaysia, after reading all the information you see in this post, we have given you a complete list of companies to get a job in Malaysia. Follow the instructions given by the company as compared to your correct link. Attend the interview online. Submit the documents they ask for and then go to work as they say. The commission office charges nothing. APPLY THE NOW


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