There is a vacancy for a Store Keeper at the US Embassy in Kuwait.  Ensures that all warehouses and storerooms are clean and tidy.  Flora Self ensures that it is not dusty.  Security arrangements are made in offices, warehouses, and storerooms.  The store ensures that the items are in good clean condition and have no problems.  Make sure that the safety guidelines are posted on the door and that the necessary security arrangements are in place when entering.

Attach the emergency button.  Perform daily maintenance activities through the computer.  Clear all month-end inspections.  One year supervisory work experience,  warehousing or stock control or logistics management and two years of work experience

Good Reading/Speaking/Writing English.

inventory systems, methods of property accountability, and warehouse management, commercial products have a good knowledge of what is available in the market.

MS Word, Excel databases, and inventory management And programs to do well on the computer.

U.S. Embassy in Kuwait
Job Type:
 Full-time Job Location:

Next is the vacancy of a sales executive. APPLY
 The sales executive has to look after everything related to sales.
Behave well with the customer and increase sales by enhancing sales techniques and sales knowledge.  Look at your stock of the product and a sales executive should do all the promotional advice for it.

Receive good techniques promotion and all to get the best profit through sales.  Click on the link below to know more about it. Now this year is less because many people have quit their jobs and the best jobs in Kuwait are now open Many jobs are now available in Kuwait for all educated people All you have to do is give us a website to get a job in Kuwait here Thank you for getting into it and trying to get the job you applied for with the company as the director of things


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