There are a lot of vacancies in Dubai supermarkets.

Treat the customer well.

Motivate and train all the individuals in our group to increase sales.

Make a good profit by following all the rules of the company.

stock value, control out of stock, orders, and merchandise deliveries, and make sure to consult with the Section Manager

Put the price according to the price of our competitors

Provide good cleanliness, good product protection, and good packing

Display the product in a way that attracts customers

Applicants must be between 25 and 40 years of age


Bachelor’s degree or any same certificates.Bachelor's degree / higher diploma

 Chef De Partie/Pastry Chef/Head Chef who handles pastries in Hotels/Catering companies

At least 3 years of experience.

Must have good communication skills and the ability to act as a leader for others.

Job Location:-
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Job Type:-
Full Time

Monthly Salary:-
$2,000 - $3,000


Thus there is a vacancy in the supermarket even in cash.  It is located in Abu Dhabi.  They are looking for people with two to four years of experience.  Must have good communication skills in Hindi and English and the ability to behave well with customers.
Dubai Supermarkets are offering great jobs this year. More than 500 people are needed this year. If you want to get a job in Dubai, we are giving the link below this post. Apply and join the company as your Director All you have to do is go to that link and apply directly with the company. Submit the documentary they ask for according to the company's instructions. They will interview you online and then they will select you.
Job Type:-
Full Time

Salary :-

Bachelor's degree / higher diploma

Only men can apply for these two jobs.


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