Are you interested in working in these areas of the hotel in different Gulf countries ?.  If so, you have a lot of opportunities. Such areas are now in need of staff.  They need people with a good experience.  They need workers with good experience in different fields. -The first opportunity is in the UAE.  There is a need for workers in different sectors here.  Wanted to Al daw company in UAE. The next vacancy is at the Occidental Hotel in Dubai.  Here too, as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of vacancies. Hotel Vacancy is in the highest country in Dubai as well as me on sites like Sharjah Abu Dhabi All you have to do is give us the link to apply directly on this website and apply directly to the company yourself. Submit the documentaries and material as per the instructions given by the company.


Hotel Staff  Hotel Executive Room Boy Bell Boy House Keeping Kitchen Helper Cleaner These are the job opportunities in this hotel. The qualification says nothing, particularly to job applicants.  Anyone fresh can apply for this job.  The person applying for the job should have good hygiene and cleanliness.  The place where customers are supplied should always be kept clean. Both men and women could apply for this job.  This is a full-time job and anyone in any country can apply. If you are interested in applying for these jobs then click on the link below.
Then submit your CV. Also, have a minimum salary of $ 500 and you must be over 20 years of age and 45 days old Food Accommodation All other things are obtained from the victim.

*Salary*-50000 INR
Both men and women can apply for this job


Front DeskReceptionis.
OrderTaker / Coordinator.
Housekeeping Supervisor. Assistant f & b Manager.
Sales Coordinator.
Sales Manager.

Free Ticket.
Visa. Accommodation. Food.
Medical Insurance APPLY 


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