Recruitment is being done at Leo Dubai HR Consultancy.


 1)Furniture Carpenter Salary:-
1200 – 1400 /months

 2)Joinery Carpenter
Salary : 1200 –
1400AED/ month

3)Aluminum Fabricator Salary 1300 – 1500 AED/ month

4) Carpentry Foreman Salary : 4000 – 5000AED/month

5)GRP laminator Salary 1400-1500AED/month

6) Welder (2G,3G) – Salary:1250-1500AED/month

6)Electrician Salary : 1200-1300AED/month

7)Building Painters Salary: 1000 -1200AED/month

8) Welding foreman Salary: 2500 – 3000 AED/month

9)Building Electrician Salary : 1200-1300AED/month

10) Pipe Fitter Salary :1200-1300AED/month

11)Spray painter Salary: 1100-1200AED/month

12)Steel fixer Salary: 1100-1200AED/month

13)Steel fixer Foreman Salary :2500-3000AED/month

14)Shuttering Carpenter- Salary :1000-1200AED/month

15)Block Mason Salary: 1200-1400AED / month


Food, Accommodation, Medical.Visa

Working hours – 9, Weekly

Location –
Age :-
Below 40 years

Job type:-
 full Time

Depending on the vacancy you are applying for, you should have experience doing this job before

Applicant must have SSC qualification and at least 2 years of experience Jobs open again in Dubai after Kovid nineteen issues If you are a person who wants to get a job in Dubai apply by clicking on the link found in it You must be at least 20 years of age to come to Dubai and qualify at school. There are job opportunities in all fields from supermarket jobs to driver jobs to salesman sales accountants storekeeper welding There are also a lot of job opportunities all over Dubai. All you have to do is give you a link to apply directly to this website. If you pass the interview you will get the job These jobs are completely free There is no peace commission We have Free Visa Free Job Food Account So you can apply as soon as possible. The link to apply is given below and your friends and family who are looking for a job can share this job with you. Thank you APPLY


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