There are so many more jobs in Dubai.  Accounts and finance is an area with more jobs.  There is a huge demand for accountancy due to the new VAT system introduced last year.  The skill required for this job is to know the rules and regulations related to VAT.  It is essential.  Then there must be a skill similar to Tally.  The qualification required for this job is a bachelor's degree and a diploma.  Then at least two years of experience is mandatory. Secondly, the job opportunities are for those in the technology sector.  The Dubai Expo 2020 is about to take place and people are all excited.  Next up is one of the fastest-growing areas in Dubai right now.  Oil Industry.  Needless to say more about the Dubai Oil Industry A lot of people in the technical field have job opportunities because of the expo.  You can apply in all IT related fields.  Technician works are all available.

The banking sector is the third-largest employer.  This is currently one of the fastest-growing areas in Dubai.  So there are a lot of job opportunities.  There are opportunities in all areas related to banking.  Even if you are a very inexperienced person, they will consider you and train you.
Data Analyst is a growing area in Dubai.  There are a lot of jobs now.  This is an area that has recently grown in Dubai.  It is also an area with a lot of growth potential.  So if you have experience as a data analyst you can apply here..  There are a lot of job opportunities in the oil industry.  Mechanical Engineers, Electricians, Civil Engineers, Instrumentation, and Electrical Engineers have a lot of scopes.  There are also a lot of opportunities in the field for those who know pipe technology.  If you have a Master's degree or a PG Diploma in any of these, you can apply for anything here.  This is the highest paid job in Dubai.  The next job opportunity is sales and marketing.  As everyone knows, Sales and Marketing is a job that is needed in every company.  Even if you do not have extra experience in this job or you are a fresher you have good scope here.  There are still a lot of areas growing in Dubai. Teaching education Tourism is a region with a lot of opportunities.  Click on the link below to learn more about job opportunities in Dubai. APPLY


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