Carrefour is the second largest retail center in the world.founded in 1958 by Majid Al Futtaim. Its capital is Paris.  It is a segment of the French hypermarket retail chain.  It first opened in 1960 as the smallest store.  It was through this that they grew and became such a large group.  There are many stores under superstores, supercenters, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and cash & carry, wholesale stores, etc...It took them 55 years to become the second-largest in the world.

It is being recruited to Carrefour Hypermarket in the UAE
Available vacancies in Cashier, HR, IT, Security, Finance, Decoration, Maintenance, Receiving, Internal Audit, Legal, Business Development, Market, FMCG, Light House Hold, and Textile.
If you are someone who is experienced and no longer has any experience then you are sure to get a job there too.

They offer an attractive salary and many other benefits.

Basic Salary
Family Medical Insurance
Group Life Insurance
Annual Leave
Ticket in 2 years


Heavy House Hold,
Light House Hold,  FMCG Staff Bakery/Butchery/Fishery Staff,  Security Manager,  Maintenance Manager,  Decoration Manager,
Cashier,  Accounting & Finance,
Human Resources,
Web Developer,  Business Development,  Legal,
Internal Audit

University degree or professional

communication and leadership skills.

Supermarket Name:-
Carrefour Hypermarket
Job Location:-
Education:-Equivalent Degree/Diploma APPLY
Carrie For Company is one of the H supermarket companies in the world with a large number of workers. So when you go to apply for it, you go to the director's website of the company and apply as a director. We give the link to apply on the website. And when you do that you want to be one of the best companies so they will interview you online and select the vehicle for the job so you can do it as soon as possible and make your dream of a job come true


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