Singapore jobs hiring apply now Supporting with the association of occasions and thinking of novel thoughts for no particular reason far reaching or office exercises, Cake Fridays, away days, festivities, after-work get-togethers, and so on Supporting IT with being the guard of all IT gear in the Singapore Office and helping the IT group with impromptu errands. Helping HR with organization obligations, for example, enrollment (promoting jobs, booking in meetings, downloading CVs from the Singapore occupations site, liaising with up-and-comers, helping with EP applications). Onboarding new workers: assembling invite pack, requesting IT gear, organization (for example filter finished structures and guaranteed duplicate of the new starter’s ID to HR. Aiding and supporting other Foolproof workplaces, ensuring they are completely adjusted. Being a decent envoy for the Operations group and its territories of obligation.



As PA, you will work intimately with Leslie Fountain, giving organization, journal and strategic and government assistance uphold. Consistently you will act with attentiveness and keep an expert attitude. On occasion you might be presented to delicate data, which should be treated with suitable regard and privacy. You will be answerable for: Being the principal purpose of contact for the Executive Director of Practice, liaising adequately with inner partners and outside merchants, organizing travel, convenience and visas as required.

Proactively oversee journals and coordinations, booking and sorting out gatherings as required, guaranteeing gatherings are set up properly.

As your Line Manager, Harpal is your first purpose of require all inquiries and issues. She is likewise liable for concurring and setting your targets. In the primary example, you should look for any counsel or direction from her if any issues emerge that keep you from playing out your jobs and obligations or hitting targets. You consistently survey and examine the work you’re doing and correspondences you’ve had with other key connections in gatherings with Harpal.

Leader Director of Practice (Leslie Fountain)

In giving administrator backing to Leslie, you will normally be speaking with her in any event every day to guarantee she has what she should be successful in her work. Individuals all work in an unexpected way, and you will unavoidably embrace an extraordinary way of working with every individual to give greatest shared advantage and satisfaction. The business perceives there is a workmanship to this which accompanies insight.

Dad to BPT Team (Helen Young)

Helen is your first purpose of require all inquiries, direction and issues concerning PA administrations.  Head of Operations (Rachel Sheppard)

Has by and large duty regarding the Operations Team. In the event that Harpal is inaccessible, at that point Rachel ought to be your next purpose of contact for exhortation, direction or to raise issues.

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