Qatar jobs vacancies Through our heritage in the Qatar market, Charterhouse is collaborating with the main gathering of organizations who are currently looking to personality a Finance Director (Head of Finance). This is an energizing occasion to work in the midst of a business and economically engaged job, which is intended to help the business, between the zone of monetary arranging and planning in surveying and assessing business connected execution to help to progress development and expansion targets.


This job will regulate the center regions of monetary administration and arranging while presenting monetary administration and vital, speculation related investigation, at a holding level. This job will likewise acquire a group, hence a capacity to deal with an expansive scope of bookkeeping and monetary administration capacities is a vital angle inside the occupation job. The Finance Director will guarantee all legal consistency inside the administrative structure while overseeing territories of all monetary revealing angles for both inward partners and all outer review interfaces. This Finance Director post will supervise all depository related exercises; to give solid financing administration and liquidity to the executives. On the arranging side, the job will direct and audit all regions of planning, costing, and gauging viewpoints over the merged financials. Combined with this, the Finance Director will regulate the monetary investigation of any operational or speculation-related-use across new activities or undertakings. At long last, this job will likewise be intensely engaged with the oversight of progress the executives, inside the account stream, connecting to frameworks audit or specialized approach survey and consistency. The advancement of monetary administration is a key operational order to guarantee insightful and business based help to the workplace of the CEO.


The customer is hoping to enroll a certified and Chartered Accountant (ACA, ACCA, CIMA or CPA) with as long as 15 years of involvement inside a monetary administration and warning authority based job; whereby operational greatness, best practice, and vital change the executives can be shown and conveyed. This is joined with a demonstrated history inside Financial Planning and Analysis based jobs; where revealing lines and business uphold has been conveyed and produced for a partner or potential investor purposes and usage.

This business will request specialized capability, adjusted to IFRS based bookkeeping and detailing strategies, to guarantee that all specialized bookkeeping issues are taken care of inside and related to the review necessities. The idea of the job and the hierarchical structures requests an Arabic talking competitor who has introduction over the provincial GCC markets, with gratefulness, of modern or potentially producing based industry lines.