Canada jobs vacancies 2020-2021 Not Your Typical Phone Sales Role Consider this, Not all telephone deals occupations are equivalent. What’s more, actually, not all agents are equivalent. They may appear to be identical, yet you and I both know there’s something else. We’re not a ‘Common’ HR counseling firm and as such we’re not searching for a ‘Regular’ telephone deals bargain nearer. We recruit on demonstrated outcomes (that is what talks)… over the long run in a job or confirmations. The distinction for us is this: You are a cooperative person and can at present be instructed and to be modest enough to take criticism and heading.



You’re not a transient piece, but rather prepared to invest some energy making your craft and ready to make the best decision, the correct path for quite a while.

Consequently, what we offer for the ideal individual:

Uncapped procuring and advancement potential, we don’t cover your latent capacity so we don’t cover your profit and how you can bring in cash and information

Solid authority and instructing on how you can be a superior deal shutting the machine

A piece of a superior group that will keep you sharp

Getting something important to many individuals, path diverse to what exactly ordinarily occurs in different deals occupations.

Introduction to how the business really functions, developing your aptitudes and information on deals, scripting, shutting, customer on-boarding, and business measure.

On the off chance that the entirety of this seems like an ideal choice for you, at that point I’d love to get with you.

Indeed we enlist character and results over capabilities.

To apply we need you to send us a 60-90-second video of you noting these 4 things:

What’s your name?

Where are you from?

For what reason would you like to be important for the HRCovered deals group?

What are your best deals accomplishment/results?

The Role

The job is a Salary + Commission Phone Sales Rep inside HR Covered, a Human Resources Firm situated in Canada. The job will be completed distantly.


The person inside the job will be answerable for:

Go to the everyday clusters

Shutting bargains via telephone for our scope of HR projects and administrations (all leads are accommodated you)

Working leads like a monster and development, development, development (did I say follow up?)

Hitting and crushing settled upon deals targets and results inside the timetable

Guaranteeing you take definite customer data on each call to guarantee consistent part onboarding.

Essential administrator obligations related to your leads and deals pipeline including messages and messages to possibilities.

Utilization of our inward installment framework to catch installment from the customer when you make the deal

Utilization of our inside deals programming to follow every one of the details of your deal.

Take full responsibility for the drives you have.

Utilization of Private Slack channel for all inside correspondence on your pipeline, checking in for deals shifts, checking out, and all other group correspondence.

Go to all business instructional meetings APPLY

Guaranteeing you have an away from of the customer’s objectives, wants, problem areas, and past battles to then present the most ideal choices for them to buy.

Flexibly the board with client needs issues, interests, serious exercises, and potential for new items and administrations.