​Canada jobs hiring 2020 apply to all nation and apply for any qualification person About the Employer and Job Position: The business is the top of a Brampton based family with novel requirements. The employer’s family comprises of three seniors all matured 72 or more years, who are decrepit and wiped out two minor kids, and his better half with a clinical history. All individuals from the family are profoundly strict, vegan, and carefully submit to the fundamentals of Sikh confidence. We are searching for a mindful, eager parental figure who can give socially touchy quality in-home consideration and backing to penniless relatives with sympathy and compassion.



Position Type: Full Time, Permanent

Boss Name: Bhagwant Singh Dhaliwal

Number of Position: 1

Occupation obligations:

Plan and get ready solid vegan dinners for relatives appropriate for their wellbeing and age needs

Give friendship and care to 2 old and 1 penniless relative

Look after cleanliness, sterilization, cleanness to guarantee important solid climate

Avoid potential risk expected to keep the family sheltered during COVID-19 circumstance especially relating to seniors

Give bedside and individual consideration to poor relatives, for example, individual cleanliness, drug update, and escort to clinical arrangements when required

Perform general housekeeping obligations like creating beds, clothing, and to help in the kitchen

Shop for food and family unit supplies when required

Accept full accountability for the family unit (without the householder)

Are aid ordinary exercise systems suitable for seniors in the family, for instance going with during night stroll in summers and? in-house? straightforward actual activities during winters

Once in awhile arrange with the drug store and doctor’s office for medicine and arrangements

Treat and care for seniors and their property with nobility and regard


Past 2-year experience as Caregiver

The fruition of optional school

Preparing as a parental figure is a resource

Ready to move

Must be in any event 18 years of age

Must have essential relational abilities in English

The capacity to peruse, compose and communicate in the Punjabi language will be a basic resource

Tender loving care in every aspect of work

Unwavering quality and solid association aptitudes

Wages: wage $18.00 every hour

Start Date: ASAP

Work Hours: Minimum 35 hours out of every week, a few ends of the week might be required

We will cover travel costs

Occasional Grape Farm Work from March 2021 to October 2021.

Duties include:

Managing, Tying, Cultivating Spraying, Thinning, and Grape Vine Maintenance.

Weed Control, Pest Control, and Harvesting Wine Grapes.

Living quarters are given in addition to and time-based compensation of $14.25 every hour.

The competitor is required to dwell nearby.

The specialist is required to work at least 40 hours out of each week for the span of the period.

Required: Minimum Grade 12 High School training and 2 years past grape plantation experience.