Deal with the whole deals cycle from introductory contact with a customer to preparing and catch up help. Convey an administration that is predictable with’s qualities and client guarantee. Recognize up-sell and strategically pitch openings by building long haul connections and giving quality client support. Viably deal with the development of 100 – 120 doled out customers through value-based and arrangement situated selling approach. Guarantee at least 85% inclusion of your relegated stack through normal physical and telephonic gatherings. Lead online exhibitions to customers. Give proficient after-deals backing to upgrade the customer’s prosperity. Stay in incessant contact with the current customers and organize maintenance as a significant core interest. React to protests and resolve issues to guarantee customer achievement and fulfillment. Keep up and develop exchanges and income volumes from a relegated information base of clients.



What Your identity is

3+ long stretches of showed the history of meeting/surpassing deals focuses on B2B arrangements.

Gifted at building affinity, opening entryways, understanding the business necessities of senior leaders.

Amazing relational, correspondence, and introduction aptitudes.

Profoundly vivacious, self-starter with a reason driven, result arranged demeanor.

Serious, eager, profession driven, and responsible character.

Sympathy and capacity to comprehend client perspective and client assistance.

Single men degree

While we earnestly value each application got, just those applicants chose for a meeting will be reached.

Occupation Details

Occupation Location

Doha, Qatar

Organization Industry

Web and E-business

Organization Type

Manager (Private Sector)

Occupation Role


Work Type

Full-Time Employee

Month to Month Salary Range


Number of Vacancies
Organize cuts of meat and appealingly spot them in the presentation case with the goal that clients will wish to buy them.

Gauge, mark, and value an assortment of cuts of meat for on-request determinations by clients in a proficient way that keeps clients fulfilled.

Get conveyances of meat and review them to guarantee that they cling to the best principles and are not terminated.

Use sticks, bone blades, twine, and different apparatuses to trim, tie, and shape broils so they are prepared for clients to purchase and cook.

Plan meat into structures prepared for cooking utilizing an assortment of activities, including boning, tying, crushing, slicing, and managing to make it simpler for clients.

Teach clients about various choices and sorts of poultry, pork, meat, and fish to enable them to choose what to buy.

Pivot items to diminish the opportunity of any meat ruining to decrease waste and loss of benefits.

Keep up and clean the meat arrangement counter to decrease the danger of food tainting and hold fast to sanitation rules.


1-2 years’ insight as a butcher

Secondary school certificate or equal

Amazing oral and verbal relational abilities
Albania; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia (Hrvatska); Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Kosovo; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Moldova; Montenegro; Poland; Romania; Russian Federation; Serbia; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Turkey; Ukraine

Degree APPLY

Secondary school or proportionate