today we are talking about oil and gas jobs in the offer shore sector in Australia jobs hiring. The first is a Mechanic India vacancy. There are a lot of vacancies here for those in the mechanical field and those in the engineering field. This is a job that is a lifesaver. This is a work area at sea but you will have everything from life insurance to health insurance. So you have nothing to fear. This is a World Employment Opportunity. In this, you have to work full time which can never be done part-time. Other vacancies in this area. Machinists/ Fitter & Turner with Lathe, Horizontal, Vertical Borer, and CNC. Applicants for this job must reside in Australia and have permission to work in Australia. You will need a fitter and turner certificate. You must have two or three years of experience in that area or all of the mechanic shops. You should always be positive, energetic, and have a positive mind. Must have good proficiency in English. In this, you will have a special time to work and if you work more than that you will get an extra salary.


$35 – $49.99 per hour | experience Based

Job Type:-
Full Time
Next is an offshore service technician. This is also a full-time job. It seems to me that there is no part-time work in offshore areas. I do not know if my guess is correct. Click on their link to know more. It is an LNG industry in Australia. Responsibilities that applicants should pay attention to.
Pay attention to the movement of the crane, backloading, and unloading.

Tower crane operations should take care of everything. Even the minor problem of cranes should be handled with care. This requires a minimum of five years of experience. Must have Communication Skill Ability. To know more about such jobs visit the website by clicking on the link below.