The number view Group of canada jobs is one of the best auto dealer companies in Ontario. They are looking for a car wash attendant for their company in North York. All over the world, they are looking for an attendant. The job of a car wash attendant is to protect and paint the interior of a vehicle, to keep that vehicle well maintained, and to maintain it in good condition. The Humberview Group represents 20 stores and 17 brands and 5,000 vehicles. What sets the humbervier group apart from others is the excellent services and promises they offer. The job of an attendant is to keep the vehicle interior vacuum, consoles, and dashboards clean. Keep the entire property of the car area clean. Tire blackening, vehicle washing, and cleaning should be done. Schedule accurately on all devices. You must have a driving license. The number of view group provides you with health insurance, other compensation plans, and dental insurance for better benefits than anyone else. The number view group is provided by a team led by a newcomer to train. You can work on the humberview group in a very interesting way. And holidays. And so on that, you can enjoy with your family. Not only this, with the help of a car wash you can do a lot of work. If one of our customers comes with their car, if there is any damage to it, clean it and check it. We help our clerks reach their destination. If a car is locked, help them with the unlock process. Make sure the lot is organized, organized, and free of debris.


The Humberview Group is growing and they are looking for a full-time car attendant.

Gives you good service discounts if you are a small employee of the company. They give you the Years of Rewards award if you work very well in a year.

Wash the car thoroughly with a cloth, water, and brush within the time specified by our customer. The customer should feel good positive. The inside of the car should be nice and fresh.

You must have learned eye contact as you prepare for the interview with the Humberview Group. Must be able to speak clearly and listen carefully to what they have to say. If you have a disability or any other type of service, they provide it.

It also provides comprehensive health care for you. If we have a customer’s vehicle for sale, we accept it. We place the vehicles you sell in a proper event location. APPLY

If you want to return the vehicle you sold, it will be returned to you.