They are looking for employees who do not have the experience weapon experience to go to different levels in oral supermarkets. In it, we clearly state what the jobs are, what the salary is, and where the place is. They are looking for, salesman, accountant, cashier, fishmonger, and so on.
Not only men but also women can apply for this job. You can do this job both part-time and full time so never miss this opportunity.
In Dubai, Carrefour, Spinneys, LULU, Geant, Waitrose, Choithram, and Hyper Panda, and now there are vacancies. These are areas where there is good competition between workers. You can do a full-time job with this party. It depends on the job. So apply now for this job. Dubai’s grocery stores have the most vacancies. Job:-
warehouse Helper
Salary: -AED 1000
Location: -Abu Baker Al Siddique road


Salary: -AED 2000
Location:- Abu Baker Al Siddique road

Job Position:-
Sales & Marketing Executive
Salary: -AED 2500

Customer Service Officer
Salary: –
AED 3500
Dubai *
Next is the vacancy of a cashier in a West Zone supermarket. This is also in Dubai.
These are called responsibilities.
there is a lot of vacancy in all Dubai sector
Buy all the money that customers give and register it.
Scan the pricing of goods.
But according to whether the customer pays for the goods with cash or credit card.
Give them a stamped coupon if they have one.
When you buy an item, introduce them to another.
Solve all their problems, dispel all their doubts, and do everything.
Keep the payment counter clean and tidy.
Put the goods in the gift box and cover the customer.
You need to know everything to calculate well.

High school degree
Job Type:-
Salary:-. AED2,000.00 /month Experience:-
1 year
Location:* Dubai

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