Lulu Hypermarket jobs is a multi-company return shop with Gulf Country Salome India. It was first launched in Abu Dhabi. It is owned by MA Yousafali. They have more than 164 companies in India and the Gulf. It was first launched on January 12, 2006. It also has hypermarkets and supermarket department stores. More than 57000 people work here Today we are talking about the many job opportunities available at Lulu Hypermarket and Supermarket Department Stores. There are more opportunities now for engineers and those in the technology department. Therefore they will apply immediately in connection with this category. All we have to do is apply to the company as the Director of Vegetables and the company will give you time to submit their allotment matters. A qualified person who is interested in doing these jobs should apply now.


LuLu Hypermarket

Job Type:

Jobs:- Engineering, Information Technology

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The next opportunity is for those who want to work in the supermarket hypermarket all marketing department and sales department.


. Retail Sales Representative – Indoor.
. Senior Sales Executive –
. Buyer Assistant Executive Secretary
. Senior Sales Software Account Manager
.IT Help Desk Specialist
.Data Entry Specialist
.Bakery In Charge
.Customer Service Representative
.Marketing Executive
.HR Executive
.Store Manager
.Retail Sales Representative
.Bakery In Charge
.Data Entry Specialist
All I have to do to get you a job right now is to give you a website link to apply for a job so you can apply as a director. So you have to go to that link and apply as soon as possible. You do not have to pay for the job without any commission. All you have to do is apply for it as soon as possible
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