A tourist place like Singapore jobs hiring where most people work and you want to work in a well-paid place. If you have that desire, here is your chance to make it happen.  This is a part-time job and you get paid per hour. If you have a good interest in housework and other household chores, you can register as a freelance and do clean chores. You can take it with you along with your other work. This is an opportunity for you to earn more than you currently have. Your job is to clean the motherland, clean the bedroom, make food in the kitchen, and do other small and big things. Next is a storekeeping attendant who can work full time. You can do this part-time if you want. The salary for a full-time job is $ 1800 per month. If you work part-time, you will get a salary of $ 800 to $ 1000 per month. The salary for a day full-time walk is $ 72. Salary ranges from $ 8 to $ 12 per hour. And you have a lot of benefits. In addition to salary, you will get incentives, lunch, and annual leave. This is an eight-hour shift.


– responsibilities

. Keep the living area clean, the hallways clean, the soap brush in the bathroom and the body cleaning sponge clean, the living room and all other items always clean, the tissue paper all in stock, the drinking glasses all clean and tidy,

This is a public cleaning job.

*Next is an accountant executive.

Singapore Job Vacancy Singapore is a great opportunity for you to get a job now all you have to do in countries like Singapore first is to have at least a plus two qualification as well as if you are a person who has completed 20 years of age you can get a good job as soon as possible. Responsibilities:-

Treat like AR, AP. Create channels for all payments, ie cash transactions and longer or check transactions. Prepare daily audit records. Prepare daily journals. Prepare a reconciliation statement for supplies. Must have two years of experience in accounting. Must have a Diploma in Accounting. APPLY

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