This is a great opportunity for those who want to work in a tourist place like Kuwait. The first opportunity is a part-time job as an administrative assistant. So for those of you who want to get a job in Kuwait this time is going to be about two thousand people need to go this year what to do for it This website has given us all the details for the job Understand it fully there is an opportunity for you to get a job in Kuwait Now Kuwait is hiring the best workers for their country this year. What do you need to do in this job? Plan, coordinate, and direct the administrative work of the company. Perform general duties in the office such as office administration office supplies. Manage the various affairs of the staff and implement benefits for them. Do whatever it takes to file official records and record documents in the office. Take care of everything in the project documentary.



• English reading, writing, and speaking are very good.
• Experience in the oil & gas field
*.*Communication skills & time management
• India or Pilipino nationality
• 4years experience at least

The next vacancy is for a sales executive.
In a business like marketing, salesmen interact more directly with customers than with owners. Therefore, a sales executive is a key component of that organization. Salesmen should treat customers well, treat them with respect, resolve their doubts, and try to get the product to them as soon as possible. Wow, Stock Adjustment and Promotion Advice on the project are all sales executive duties.

Responsibilities: –
.Carry out sales.
. Achieve sales targets. Make ideas for it.
. Concentrate only on Product Selling Gill.
. Come and give customers return offers.
. Establish a good relationship with the customer and thereby increase the loyalty of our company.
. Meet the needs of the customers beyond their expectations.
. Display the product to the customers in a tracking manner. Arrange all its stock well.
. Handle things in good cleanliness. APPLY

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