Live-In Housekeeper in Canada The employee will have a bedroom and a bathroom. Must be a person who can cook good food. The family is ready to wait as long as they can to be a good person. Similarly, there is a need for a translator in the UK. Translator of English and Hindi required. The UK is looking for even an experienced translator. This is a job that even a freelancer can do. It can be taken as a full-time job if required. Translate Hindi to English Translate English to Hindi.
• Job Type:-
Full-time Housekeeper
• Location London, Camden
• Salary :-.£450 to £500 net per week • Experience:-
2 years
• Languages:- English SL, Tagalog
• Education:-
1 year

A family in London needs a servant to look after their house and cook and do everything from every other little thing in the house. The duty will be from Monday to Friday. This is a full-time job.=
Your jobs:-
• vacuuming,
• changing bedsheets,
• polishing antiques,
• cleaning bedroom and bathrooms,
• keeping the kitchen clean at all times,
• washing the dishes,
• loading the dishwasher,
• hoovering mopping and sweeping,
• buying the grocery shopping,
• cleaning up the utensils and dishes after cooking,
• Handle things clean and tidy. to maintain
The salary is $ 40 per hour.

Things you must follow:-

Must be a native speaker of Hindi.

Must be University Education in Translator.

Must have two years of experience

Some websites must have all the experience.
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