Here are the job opportunities in Singapore, the world famous tourist place. They pay big salaries even for small jobs. If you are good at doing housework and cleaning the house, you can get a part-time job if you register for a cleaning job as a freelancer in Singapore. You can also generate a side income through this. If you live in Singapore and want to increase your income, you can do freelance cleaning work like this. There are many websites and links that can help you with this. Your main job will be to clean the apartments of those living in Singapore. Become a Help Cleaner in Singapore and start working with confidence. Cleaners now has a good opportunity in the Bukit Timah area of ​​Queenstown, Singapore. They are looking for someone to do the cleaning work there as a matter of urgency. Here are the things you need.

. First explore job opportunities in the area where you live .

. Next Create a profile with your full details and give your contact details .

. Next you attend the interview and submit the application correctly .

. Enter the code in your post and you Search and find the job you want.

The benefits of accepting a job like this are that you can work in your spare time. And if you are a professional employee you will never have to skip it. From this you can get the job you like and no one will force you.

Your main tasks are to clean the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and to iron the clothes. You can get everything from cleaning the oven to a small job. It is up to you to decide which of these to choose. You can work for at least two to five hours a day or work all day. It is up to you to decide how many hours to work. Even if you don’t work anymore, no one will tell you anything, no one will force you. Because this is a side job that you do in order to increase your income. Otherwise it is not a job you do professionally, so you are your boss for this job. You are guided by your decisions. People are all talking about cleaning jobs. Once you have completed a cleaning job, you can be notified immediately if there are any problems with it. It will have an app which will have all the customer service present.

In Singapore, a cleaning job costs $ 16 an hour. Sometimes you have to work two to five hours at a minimum.

To apply for a cleaning job in Singapore visit the link below.

You have a lot of job opportunities in Singapore now .This is a good opportunity for you. The current vacancy in Singapore is for a warehousing keeper. If you are qualified for this job then apply for it.

Job type :-


Working hours: Monday to Friday

The next vacancy is a chef.
Must have good experience and ability of cooking.

Must be of good temperament and able to do more than one task at a time.

Must be a person who can manage time.

Must have a good knowledge of new recipes and new recipes.

When the dishes are presented to the customer, they should be able to make good decorations and present them in a good and attractive way, and be able to order according to the stock of ingredients needed to make the food.

Food should be of good quality and care should never be taken to stale food.

Must be clean and tidy when it comes to cooking.

The qualification required is a diploma in cooking.

The next vacancy is for a production technician.

Put all the machines together and run in a way that you can control.

Provide product safe package.

Keep production equipment and everything clean.

Make sure all daily activities are going well.

Bring all quality policies into production.

It will come to our attention if you need to be cheerful at work or careless you will be reluctant to work.If so, these positions will be transferred to someone else. APPLY

GCE ‘O’ level/ NITEC/ Diploma in Engineering or same

Minimum 2 years experience

Able to read & write in English

Must have good knowledge of mathematics.

Must be able to work according to each shift