job in coca-cola company 2020 and now we are hiring coco-cola all details the content rede and take good decision any nation can apply any qualification any nation and age limit 20-45 Monitor and analyze program results to build subsequently integrated programs. Provide development strategic direction to the overall commercial beverage strategy and OBPPC projects for the modern business environment. Develop and support the Cooperative Customer Relationship Model (CCRM) in partnership with Bottling Partners, which aims to increase value with key partner.



Job Title



Field Engineer



Look after all aspects of the production process and activities



Accountant, Prin- Supervisor



work from process sheets or written/verbal instructions



check and inspect operation  10 APPLY

operate machinery or computer devices to produce a product


Accountant – Accounts Payable -Russian Language Certified



Inward Remittances


Machine Operator

Inward and Outward Clearing Cheques  40 TO APPLY.
driver  100 TO APPLY.
clener  300 TO APPLY.
supermaeket  500 TO APPLY.
housekeeper  300 TO APPLY.
garden keeper  250 TO APPLY.
house driver  500 TO APPLY.
cooking  400 TO APPLY.
car washing  200 TO APPLY.
fish market  700 TO APPLY.

Constantly challenge internal and external conditions that benchmark new ideas, competitive moves, and initiatives – Ability to develop system capabilities in collaboration with CCU and HCCB to manage and guide our business with Modern Trade customers. To manage the fast-growing Modern Trade business and increase customer service capabilities
Successes are few and far between. Greatness abounds in many small victories (failures). Share v 1.0, try it out and get better. Create the next version. The moment we think something is perfect, it will become obsolete. Involve, value, and trust each other. We’re not alone, but we’re together
Expand, deploy, and fulfill that through successful portfolio play. Utilize the power of engaging content to deliver eyeball to our brands, and convert them to offtakes in a cost-efficient way for a new and exiting portfolio. Learn the subtleties and differences of B2B, B2C and O2O play, and


Create delivery models to succeed with them. Develop a long-term value-based e. Bizz leadership strategy for INSWABU and increase profits across existing, future brand, pack, and portfolios. Ensure that this strategy takes into account the strategic direction of the co-created strategic direction by aligning key BU, bottler, and customer stakeholders throughout the process. Organizing a Value-Based Dialogue
Make sure it affects, thereby shifting from short-term volume to a transaction-based perspective. Create Shopper Centric and Joint Business Plans (JBP’s) with customers to unlock value for all players in the system. Consumer, Shopper, and Category Statistics into the JBP Process

Are geniuses. This means taking on the benefit of the doubt and being accountable to one another. Because, for our company to thrive for the next 100+ years, smart is not enough. We need talent. Develop and implement a channel strategy for e-commerce and C&C Design a business model that utilizes the power of EBS to drive revenue, volume, and OI delivery consumption for the channel,


And recommend plans for achieving the goals. make it happen. True empowerment is the result of taking responsibility. This means giving yourself permission to see, say, and do and get results. Because we all move fast when we take action. Version 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 are not perfect but push for improvement. Overnight
Recommend, manage, and control volume objectives. Internalize the brand strategy, then marry with the customer position – execute it through point-of-sale assets and other materials. Implement it with Win-Win plans aligned with customers based on customer and shopper statistics. Key strategies, organizational skills, budgets, volume, and profit
Maintain operational and / or personal value Channel, customer & shopper strategic direction, people leadership, guidance and input to The Coca-Cola System Modern Trade Team in collaboration with Bottler Commercial Leads


Begin and lead Customer Joint Business Planning (JBP). Conduct regular business reviews with executive teams of global and strategic customers to monitor relationships; Reaffirming the strategies that are aligned with the needs and the customer-generated business,
Build Organization Skills (BU & Bottler). Drive & Delivery – Volume, value, sharing, and new user growth goals. Drive & Delivery – Customer engagement and new customer acquisition goals. Learn digital marketing tools to create and deliver consumption through sales and portfolio plans. In conjunction with the Bottler commercial leaders

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