Dubai Jobs Open In 2020 Check All Opportunities And Make The Right Decision The Best Opportunity To Work In Dubai Now Is The Best Time To Dubai Because The 2020 World Expo Comes To Dubai This December. , We focus on industries including hospitality, real estate, finance, travel & tourism, food & beverages and consulting. After that, we help HR managers meet their needs for key talent and executives through our comprehensive resume database. We represent clients from a wide range of local and MNCs. Our successful recruitment leaflet record set us apart. Dedicated to diagnosing and treating gynecological conditions of patients.





Customer Service officer

Management Trainee.              APPLY                     

Security Officers

Warehouse Assistant.              APPLY

Creative Copywriter

Accounts Officer                        APPLY


Salesman                                      APPLY


Driver                                            APPLY

Web Developer

Cleaner                                          APPLY

Trolley Boy

Heavy Driver                              APPLY

We focus on using best practices in recruitment to ensure a seamless process for hiring senior-to-top level management executives. Our extensive network enables us to gain access to a wider pool of applicants, making our clients the ideal candidate to fill their most important positions. Completing the Internal Medicine Certification Exam. Extraordinary attention to detail. Excellent research and analytical skills. Solutions is a professional recruitment consultancy that partners with organizations to meet human capital needs. Work with employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful competition and establish long-term relationships with our clients and candidates


You should be able to prescribe and prescribe medications, immunosuppressants and other non-surgical treatments. You should also be able to develop long-lasting and rewarding relationships with your patients. Degree in Biology, Physical Sciences or related fields. Doctor of Medicine degree or Osteopathic Medicine degree. 3 to 7 years of internship and clinical residency training specializing in Internal Medicine. The gynecologist’s responsibilities include examining the breast, prescribing appropriate drugs, and identifying malignant tumors within the female reproductive system. You should also be able to advise patients on how to deal with the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. The applicant has amazing organizational skills and the ability to effectively lead a team when under pressure.


Re-evaluate treatments as needed. Candidate must have extensive experience and education degree in the required field and should be able to effectively diagnose patients and suggest successful treatment course.
Prescribe or prescribe medication, therapy, and other special medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease or injury. വിശദ Explain procedures and discuss test results or suggested treatments with patients. Monitor the patient’s condition and progress,
We are looking for a compassionate internal medicine specialist / consultant to deal with complex diseases. Some responsibilities include: Consulting with patients to understand their symptoms and health problems. Act Diagnose and treat chronic diseases and conditions, such as bacterial, viral infections, hypertension, heart disease or diabetes.


Follow surgical procedures established during surgery. Suggest procedures after and after surgery. Ensure sterilization of operating room, all equipment and equipment. Direct and coordination of hospital staff for proper patient care. Oversee all treatments before and after surgery and identify potential risks. Long-term and comprehensive care for our patients
General Surgeon Responsibilities: Examine and diagnose patients to determine the need for surgery. Review the patient’s medical history and plan best practices for treatment. Evaluate and advise patients on the risk of surgery. Injury, illness, disability, and patient functioning in compliance with regulatory and ethical protocolsThe main business focus of SearchPlus is on executive search and selection. Our clients ’industries, business processes and operational requirements

Proven experience working as a gynecologist. Ability to make quick decisions. Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Effective communication skills. Sympathy and compassion. The applicant must keep up with the latest developments in gynecology and use the best available treatments for patients. Requirements: Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree. State license to practice medicine. Provides a full spectrum of services, including HRM Solutions; The source of the applicant, interview, orientation, drug screening and background check will be tailored to your needs. Our personalized service is unparalleled, and we see ourselves as a partner with our clients. An excellent communicator who can empathize with patients. Work Busy working hours.

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