The Dubai petroleum is the biggest petroleum company in the world. today more vacancies in all sections in the company you have the best qualification and talent you can apply the company direct and now this time all country in allowed this job opportunity you can 18-50 age limit and best salary and accommodation. you do this all details read and take right decision Dubai is the most tourist place in the world and the most crowd and nex 2020 expo is come to Dubai Planning, coordinating and overseeing programs for acquisition and analysis of reservoir data Formulate reservoir strategies designed to maximize ultimate economic hydrocarbon recovery. Provide reservoir engineering support to optimize the implementation of field development plans. Support new initiatives and exploration departments in evaluating new development opportunities and their risk. Activity Get and analyze reservoir data. Conduct preliminary assessments of archived and new reservoir, development and production data. Coordinate and manage surface data acquisition and quality control programs in areas such as fluid sampling, pressure monitoring, PVT analysis and special core analysis. Define reservoir engineering requirements for transient tests, and work with engineering and operations staff to design testing programs. Interpret field data, laboratory results, and reservoir studies to reliably assess reservoir performance. Establish reservoir strategies to enhance strategic economic hydrocarbon recovery and optimize production performance.


Calculate oil and gas reserves and review performance trends using material balance calculations, simulation study results, production fall curve analysis, pressure data and other available methods. Evaluate the ultimate economic recovery potential from initial or current production to abandonment. Develop reliable short and medium production forecasts based on location oil and gas estimates, understanding of reservoir drive systems, data from static reservoir models, results of numerical simulations and analysis of current reservoir performance. Identify, quantify and present opportunities for the evaluation, development, production optimization and use of new technologies and equipment. Conduct economics and risk assessment studies of planned reservoir development projects and conduct preliminary technical and financial assessments. Provide technical and financial input to evaluate the potential for better oil recovery of assigned assets.
Participate in defining the range of learning that consultants must submit about specific projects, and provide input into consultant selection and performance monitoring processes Provide Reservoir Engineering Support to Engineering and Operational Staff in the implementation of technical and development plans. Oversee existing reservoir monitoring programs, including pressure surveys, product logging, fluid sampling and well testing.


Recommend opportunities for infill drilling, workover and well involvement based on the results of the study, monitoring of field operations and defined reservoir management objectives. Recommend completion intervals, well assessment programs and production strategies for new and existing wells to optimize the field development plan.
Coordinate and follow fieldwork related to reservoir-related tasks, and recommend changes or adjustments in the field about existing activities. Update models with key analysis data and well-verified annotations. Prepare and complete the PVT data set for building the reservoirs. Develop a monitoring plan and collect data to ensure maximum reservoir performance. Develop reservoir monitoring data on existing models. Control policy, procedure and risk mitigation. Comply with Dragon Oil guidelines and requirements regarding the collection, quality control, maintenance, storage and retrieval of technical data. Ensure compliance with company procedures and internal controls, including those relating to confidential information, and recommend updates as needed. Relationship and coordination


Provide input to reservoir engineers for the construction of dynamic reservoir models. Coordinate efforts of geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers to ensure seamless workflow on data transfer and integration.
Work with new ventures and exploration departments to coordinate geoscience operations, evaluate development opportunities, and evaluate risks for new greenfield or brownfield opportunities.
Provide input into Operation Geology and other disciplines to establish better locations and pathways, define surface pressure environments and fracture networks, assess geographic risks and define formation assessment requirements. Prepare reports in support of reporting department activities. Oversee the preparation of data package presentations. Provide reports and presentations to internal and external partners as needed. Provide management with geoscience input to make reservoir development decisions. SEND MAIL