Lulu Hypermarket will launch its first chain in Abu Dhabi in 2000.  From there, they started.  It is owned by MA Yusuf Ali.  Within a few years, they became retail shops in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Today they have 128 outlets and thirteen malls in the GCC countries of the world.  Today, more than 40,000 workers work under them.  They pay workers good salaries and many other benefits.  This is the reason why workers are attracted to such sectors.

 Now Lulu is calling for a job for a hypermarket salesman.

Lulu regularly recruits for the hypermarket salesman.  All they need is a salesman to introduce the customer product to their retail store,  supermarket,  hypermarket, and malls to address the customer well, to deliver the product that the customer demands, and to put the store items on the shelf.

Today Lulu is known around the world with 117 sales outlets.  Lulu Hypermarket jobs allow you to improve your life and build a better life.  Today, Lulu Group is a well-known business…


Recruitment is being done at Leo Dubai HR Consultancy.


 1)Furniture Carpenter Salary:-
1200 – 1400 /months

 2)Joinery Carpenter
Salary : 1200 –
1400AED/ month

3)Aluminum Fabricator Salary 1300 – 1500 AED/ month

4) Carpentry Foreman Salary : 4000 – 5000AED/month

5)GRP laminator Salary 1400-1500AED/month

6) Welder (2G,3G) – Salary:1250-1500AED/month

6)Electrician Salary : 1200-1300AED/month

7)Building Painters Salary: 1000 -1200AED/month

8) Welding foreman Salary: 2500 – 3000 AED/month

9)Building Electrician Salary : 1200-1300AED/month

10) Pipe Fitter Salary :1200-1300AED/month

11)Spray painter Salary: 1100-1200AED/month

12)Steel fixer Salary: 1100-1200AED/month

13)Steel fixer Foreman Salary :2500-3000AED/month

14)Shuttering Carpenter- Salary :1000-1200AED/month

15)Block Mason Salary: 1200-1400AED / month


Food, Accommodation, Medical.Visa

Working hours – 9, Weekly

Location –
Age :-
Below 40 years

Job type:-
 full Time

Depending on the vacancy you are applying f…


Malaysia is a world-famous tourist place.  That is why it is the desire of everyone to work there.  Here's a chance to make you wish.  He has a vacancy as an office admin in a company called Manpower Group in Malaysia.


Adopt company policies to make the office work better and more efficiently.

Supervise the staff to make the work run smoothly and divide each task into parts.

Manage the affairs of the above managements and facilitate their travel.

Manage office phone calls and correspondence.

Ensure budget ring bookkeeping procedures.

Prepare financial databases and each database of individuals and update them accurately.

Check the stock of items required for the office and place the next order accordingly when the stock runs out.

Submit the report within the stipulated time and ensure that each action is taken accordingly.

Help colleagues when they need it.


office administrator, office assistant,  work experience in the field of and equivalent or ex…


Singapore is one of the fascinators destinations in the map of the tourist of the world.  Singapore has more beautiful places to see than any other country.  You have a lot of job opportunities in Singapore now. This is a good opportunity for you.  The current vacancy in Singapore is for a warehousing keeper.  If you are qualified for this job then apply for it.

Job type:-


Working hours: Monday to Friday

The next vacancy is a chef.
Must have good experience and ability of cooking.

Must be of good temperament and able to do more than one task at a time.

Must be a person who can manage time.

Must have a good knowledge of new recipes and new recipes.

When the dishes are presented to the customer, they should be able to make good decorations and present them in a good and attractive way, and be able to order according to the stock of ingredients needed to make the food.

Food should be of good quality and care should never be taken to stale food.

Must be clean a…


Carrefour is the second largest retail center in the world.founded in 1958 by Majid Al Futtaim. Its capital is Paris.  It is a segment of the French hypermarket retail chain.  It first opened in 1960 as the smallest store.  It was through this that they grew and became such a large group.  There are many stores under superstores, supercenters, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and cash & carry, wholesale stores, etc...It took them 55 years to become the second-largest in the world.

It is being recruited to Carrefour Hypermarket in the UAE
Available vacancies in Cashier, HR, IT, Security, Finance, Decoration, Maintenance, Receiving, Internal Audit, Legal, Business Development, Market, FMCG, Light House Hold, and Textile.
If you are someone who is experienced and no longer has any experience then you are sure to get a job there too.

They offer an attractive salary and many other benefits.

Basic Salary
Family Medical Insurance
Group Life Insurance
Annual …


There is a vacancy for a Store Keeper at the US Embassy in Kuwait.  Ensures that all warehouses and storerooms are clean and tidy.  Flora Self ensures that it is not dusty.  Security arrangements are made in offices, warehouses, and storerooms.  The store ensures that the items are in good clean condition and have no problems.  Make sure that the safety guidelines are posted on the door and that the necessary security arrangements are in place when entering.

Attach the emergency button.  Perform daily maintenance activities through the computer.  Clear all month-end inspections.  One year supervisory work experience,  warehousing or stock control or logistics management and two years of work experience

Good Reading/Speaking/Writing English.

inventory systems, methods of property accountability, and warehouse management, commercial products have a good knowledge of what is available in the market.

MS Word, Excel databases, and inventory management And programs to do well on the comput…


The West Zone Supermarket in Dubai is open to great job opportunities.  Best Zone is a Supermarket, Hypermarkets, Shopping Malls, and real estate group that is well known in and around.  Butchers must have good experience in this area.  Only Filipinos, Indians, and Nepalese can apply to this region.

1. Stocker/ Merchandiser
 2. Butcher
3. Baker
4. Cashier (Female)
 5. Supermarket Manager
 6. Supermarket Assistant Manager
 7. Storekeeper

Bakers still need to have good expertise in this area. Only Philippine Indians and Nepalese will be accepted.

The supermarket assistant manager must have two years of experience. And must be a graduate.

Applicants for the post of Supermarket Manager must be a graduate and have five to seven years of experience in the same field in the UAE.

The rest of the work is the same experience and qualification.

Supermarket:-West Zone Supermarket

Job Location:- UAE


 Salary Range 1500 – 6000 AED /month

Others benefits

Best …